Springing into action at Calgary

Sunday 10th of April saw a hearty crew of 21 turned up to  Calgary Bay to help with our bi-annual beach clean.

As we worked our way along the beach from the camping area to the  far end , the banter and the chatter could be heard all around. Much thanks must go to those that came out on the day but also very much to those who walk the beach on a regular bases picking up a bag full of rubbish as they go. The predominant find on the beach was pieces of fishing twine  and ropes with plastic bottles coming a close sencond.One key and exciting  find was  what we though was a satellite transmitter from a basking shark. It had contact details on it so hopefully we will find out more in the not so distant future.

A lovely refreshing cup of tea with home-baking and contributions even from  Mr Tunnock, (in the form of tea cakes) were enjoyed by all. It was so warm I even came a way with a bit of a sun tan.

Thank you all again and see you for the next one at the end of June.picnic


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