It’s show time……

Another month goes by and it is my turn to write the Ranger Blog, not quite sure where the time goes but it is certainly disappearing fast.

We have been very lucky with the weather this summer so far, and according to the weather forecasters, with global warming we should expect more of these hots summers, sadly it also goes with wet winters.



Ben More in the sun from Ulva

So what has been going on?

The flowers continue to bloom on the Machair at Calgary and we have a pretty good species list, and the height of the grassland (the sward) is also higher, both a good sign that we are heading in the right direction.

Bird’s foot trefoil,
Biting stonecrop
Black medick
Common centaury
Common knapweed
Common mouse ear
Common ragwort
Common sorrel
Common spotted orchid
Common stalk’s bill
Common valerian
Creeping thistle
Fairy flax
Flag iris
Hawkbit/cat’s ear
Hedge woundwort
Horseshoe vetch
Kidney vetch
Lady’s bedstraw
Meadow rue (common?)
Mossy saxifrage
Mouse-ear hawkweed
Oxe-eye daisy
Pyramidal orchid
Red clover
Ribwort plantain
Spear thistle
White clover


Calgary Flowers

Calgary Flowers by Carolyne Charrington

We have changed our ‘Fun in the sun’ children’s fun mornings to ‘Going Wild’ (as it always rained) and those that attended did just that, with a selection of bug hunts and environmental games and activities. It was great to have such an enthusiastic bunch and the sun did shine this year.

We held our annual fishing competition up on Loch Frisa, and Connor won the special junior cup again this year presented in honour of his Great Grandpa, Lachie McDowall. He seems hard competition to beat but Struan and Theresa gave him a run for his money. Jim MacFadden won the senior prize.DSCN2252Although off duty I had a lovely afternoon at the Uisken Games yesterday catching up with lots of acquantainces that I had not seen for a while and managing a toss of the haggis as part of the beach games. Great fun was had by all.


The Iona Ferry

We are preparing for the Salen and Bunessan show and hope to attract lots to our stand to try out our educational and fun activities.

By Jan Dunlop.



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