Electricity, Children and Americans

Ardmore Lightning.

We headed out to Ardmore Forest, the most northerly tips of Mull, on Wednesday 21st for a guided walk, I was ably assisted by Steve Irvine, our retired wildlife ranger, but it definitely turned out as one of our more electric ones. About half an hour into the walk and having experienced a bit of heavy rain and having had rumbles of thunder in the backgrounds,  I asking Steve if he thought  we should turn back, and his retort, ‘auch it will be fine’.  We were under an arch of coniferous trees when there was an almighty bang straight over our heads and the path was lit up in our shady location. Both dogs on the walk were mighty startled to say the least. We tallied on only to have another bang and flash. I had in my head ‘three strikes and you’re out’ but luckily there were no more and we continued on our walk unharmed. The wildlife did not seem to favour the lightning and thunder unfortunately but there was a lovely show of wild flowers and archaeology. Thankfully neither of these items could run away!!



Ardmore Bay

Thank you.

I received a lovely envelope from Tobermory Primary School filled with Thank you notes. We had just completed a five week session of outdoor learning with them in Aros Park. At school they were reading a book about Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Buttersworth and I was filling in for Percy as he was away on his holidays!!. What a lovely bunch of youngsters.


Thank you from Tobermory

percyUlva wanders.

On Sunday Rachel French and I took a group of visiting Americans on a whistle stop tour of the south end of Ulva. Again such a lovely group of people, who were here on a musical tour, following their passion for Celtic music and staying in the Isle of Mull Hotel. We had a wee sing song in the church at Ulva and the acoustics did the singers proud. Again the flowers and variety of species found on Ulva had them enthralled as did Ulva’s historical past.

And so the summer continues….


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