Roars around Mull

There has been so much roaring going on over the last couple of days I forgot to update you on our deer rut walk last Wednesday. It was very well attended as usual with a good mixture of visitors and locals

James Greig, the FC Forest Ranger had been out checking where the deer were best seen from in the run up to the event.

We thought James had hurled a boogie with only one or two deer showing themselves but just as darkness fell one, then two, and before  we knew it more than 20 hinds were standing on the skyline silhouette in the setting sun, A big stag was bring up the rear. A cheeky younger stag had obviously questioned his authority and the next thing we saw was the stag disappearing over the skyline in pursuit of the younger one, defending his right to the herd of hinds and looking after their moral well being I presume

The viewing session was followed by a question and answer session, with lots of interesting questions even from the youngsters in the group

All in all it was a very enjoyable autumnal evening


And what is there to come?


Mull and Iona Community Trust are taking part in The Big Bike Revival this month. Whether you’re a regular cyclist or haven’t been on a bike for years, there are lots of ways you can get out and about on two wheels on Mull and Iona. They are organising two events during October which are a great opportunity to remind yourself of the fun of cycling or learn new skills, no matter what your age.


The Big Bunessan Bike Ride – Sunday 23rd October – Meeting at 11am at Bunessan School. Join us for a led ride around Ardtun and Bunessan finishing with a cycle cafe at Bunessan Village Hall with some delicious food from The Blackbird Bistro and the opportunity to chat to Isle of Mull Cycle Club, Tiroran Community Forest, South West Mull and Iona Development, Mull and Iona Ranger Service, Mull electric bikes and On Yer Bike Cycle Hire.

The Tobermory Family Ride – Sunday 30th October – a spooky Halloween ride around Aros Park – meeting at Apper Mhor car park at 4pm. A led ride through the forest to Aros Park, around the Loch and to the car park for an outdoor cycle cafe with food by Tobermory Guides and lots of people to chat to about cycling including Jan from Mull and Iona Ranger Service, Isle of Mull Cycle Club, Mull electric bikes and cycle mechanic Simon Bartle.

Both events are suitable for children and adults – all you need is a working bike and a helmet. Our cycle leaders will check everyone’s bikes before each ride and on the Tobermory ride everyone will be given reflective stickers and tape to decorate their bikes and jackets with. If you don’t have a bike, please get in touch with On Yer Bike Cycle Hire or Mull electric bikes who will be giving demonstrations on the day including tag alongs.

Look out for posters soon and please spread the word!



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